Hey you!

I'm abbie...

...a thirty-something photographer, wife to my pilot husband Cal, human (and cat) mom to Selah, and Hoosier turned Coloradan. By day I work as a child welfare family advocate (little known fact: I have both my BSW & MSW!), and by night I'm a Denver photographer capturing couples, families, and lifestyle portraits.

I already love you--

As both a photographer and a writer, I really, really hope that people walk away feeling lovely and known. My strongest desire is to equip you to bravely show up as exactly who you are. 

Why do I shoot? So that you will walk away knowing just how lovely you are.

\Whether that comes from documenting your love (for your partner, family, kiddos, community, and/or yourself) in the ordinary moments or special ones (hello anniversaries, weddings, and tiny babies!), you're living a story that deserves to be told. I know your love is one that is will set the world on fire, and I'm SO excited to be a part of letting others see it. 

Get to know me

1. My eneagram number is...

I'm a 2w3!

2. My go coffee includes...

Lots of creamer

3. My perfect day would be...


4, My dream vacation...


5. Favorite date night...

Chick Fil A

6. Night owl or early bird...

Night owl

Your turn! I want to hear about

Your turn! I want to hear about You!


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