I'm Abbie


Let's work together!

The short: Wife, Mama, and Colorado based photographer capturing couples, families, and lifestyle portraits. 

The long: An enneagram 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, & 8 (anyone else identify with 6 out of the 9 numbers?!) who LOVES sharing the sacred, intimate, tiny (or big!) moments that make life magical. In other words: my highest aim is leaving people inspired to bravely show their authentic self, full of joy in the mess, and walk away feeling both lovely and known. 

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The mundane middle doesn't feel beautiful. Anywhere from loud, chaotic, messy, boring, or confusing, the "everyday" moments don't always seem special when you're on the inside. It's not until you take a birds eye view of your life do you notice the hidden magic everywhere. My vision is not the "picture perfect" pose, but the candid, raw moments that show your love (for your S/O, kiddos, community, & self!) capturing exactly how wonderful it truly is. 

My Mission

I'm ready!

 While we cannot hold every tiny moment in our minds forever, we can snap memories that last a lifetime. From capturing your love, to the growth of your family, photos will preserve the details that our minds can’t. I'm here to show you the magic that is your life-- from the everyday moments to the special occasions, my mission is to capture your love to show it for exactly how captivating it is. 

lets go!

We loved doing our family photos with Abbie. They turned out phenomenal and it was such a fun session (which says a lot when you have a newborn and a 2 year old). We look forward to having Abbie continue to capture these moments as the kiddos grow up.


Alex P

Abbie was great and easy to work with! She made us feel comfortable and natural, which led to us really enjoying the entire experience! We loved our photos and how much they conveyed “us”. Highly recommend!


Ashley Z

We LOVED working with Abbie for my daughters senior pictures! She was able to make Julia feel relaxed and comfortable from the very beginning. She had a sweet way of connecting with her, talking about her interests and dreams. She captured Julia’s personality perfectly! She brought out the sweet little girl that I love while highlighting the fierce young woman that she is becoming! Thank you Abbie, not only for the beautiful pictures but for the awesome experience as well!


Leslie T

Abbie is amazing!! She captures candid pictures of you and your family which I love because I cannot stand a posed picture. She is comfortable to be around, dedicated, hilarious, and really works hard to capture the PERFECT picture. I feel like I am awkward to photograph and these photos say completely different!! Everyone needs to have their photos done by Abbie!!! 


Sam B

Abbie has a God given gift in what she does— the detail and the intention she gives from the very beginning of booking, leading up to the shoot, the shoot itself, and even after she delivers the photos. She brought a tiny vision of what I saw in my head and she breathed life into it. I promise you that its going to feel like your hanging out with your best friend— it certainly was that way for me. I really do love Abbie so much!


Jenn E