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It's no secret that capturing your wedding, from start to finish, is one of the most important pieces to your day. The moments of your day will pass by with a blur, and the photos you take from it will be what you remember. The honor of documenting your day, for exactly the way it is, is the utmost honor, and one I don't take lightly.

My purpose for photographing your wedding day is telling the story of you, and the day that two became one.


From the moment you reach out, I'm already in planning mode for your wedding (and doing a little happy dance!). My focus is to capture  the memories from the biggest day of your life, not necessarily to curate them.

I approach your day with the purpose of documenting it, while capturing the secret moments you may not even notice or remember. The brush of the groom's thumb on your face, the misty eyes of your father as he sees you for the first time, the gentle touch of your grandfather taking your grandmother's hand in his- the tiny details that make your day so special.

We start with an inquiry call to make sure I am a good fit for you. I strongly believe that the wedding photographer that you choose should make you feel comfortable, confident, and like you've been friends forever. After all, I'll be the third wheel for your entire wedding-- you both will be spending more time with me than anyone else that day! 

I want to make sure you know who I am, what I offer, and exactly how that will fit into the biggest day of your life.

In the days leading up to your wedding, I'll work with both you and your wedding planner/coordinator to put together a photography timeline that makes the most sense. The day goes by fast, and I work to organize our time together to make sure I'm capturing it all.

I also send over a wedding day questionnaire the month prior to know every exact meaningful detail to include so that you never forget. After all, these photos will tell the story of your love to your kids, grandkids, and great-great grandkids. 

The day of your wedding, I will show up to document your day for exactly how it is. You worked hard to plan and throw the biggest party of your life, and I'm there to shoot it all. Every last detail, from the first kiss to the last dance, will be frozen in time for generations to come. 

As your cheerleader/side kick/day of best friend AKA photographer, I take every opportunity to help you and your people feel comfortable. This is a big day-- not just for the two of you, but for your family and friends who have the honor of watching you join lives with one another. We laugh, dance, joke, and play so that the time you take away to do photos feels like the party that it should be. We do a mixture of candid and posed photos during the bride & groom portraits, as well as the bridal party photos, to capture personalities and photos to live on your walls for centuries. 


It's no secret that the reception AKA dance party is the best time of the day. I make myself invisible while I capture your guests drinking, dancing, and partying the life away. The tender moments (first dances may or may not make me week every time) to the spicy moments (the worm, anyone?)-- this is where the magic happens, and I'm here to document it.