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Don't tell anyone, but newborn sessions may just be my favorite to shoot. There's something about capturing the first moments of new life that feels sacred in a unique way. I'm there to capture it all: the tiny hands clutching yours, the sigh of snuggling into your chest, the big brother or sister who cannot wait to love on their newest little.

My newborn sessions capture the tiny, fleeting moments of learning your newest love. They are lifestyle focused and structured as a way to put you and your family at ease during our time together. 


From the moment you reach out, I'm already in planning mode for your session (and doing a little happy dance!). My focus is to capture your first memories, not necessarily to curate them.

Because of this, newborn sessions are most often scheduled in your home. We plan for two full hours together to give us plenty of time for breaks to feed, change, swaddle, and comfort. Sometimes, we don't need the full time-- but oftentimes, I've found that families love the slower pace that is reflective of those first newborn days.

There is minimum planning and prep before your newborn session. We choose a date 2 weeks after your due date, though this is flexible because, as we all know, babies come when they come. ;) I check in a week prior to make sure you're still feeling up for our set shoot date, or if we would need to push it out. 

I also share some tips to prep your home and family pre-session, including an outfit styling guide to help decide the feel you want prior to our session. 

When I arrive at your home, I want it looking exactly the way you have it. No need to re-work your decor or layout of your home, this session is to capture the beauty of this season for exactly the way that it is. The most popular rooms to shoot in are usually the master bedroom, nursery, and living space. 

I start with the traditional "full family bed photo", which includes mom, dad, baby, and any siblings (including dogs!). From there, we lean into the slowness of cuddling, playing, and nursing that the newborn days hold. 

There will be lots of kissing your baby's sweet cheeks, counting fingers and toes, cuddling on your bed, and staring at their perfect features. 

I make sure to grab individual photos with mom and dad and baby and dad, and then we break to feed, change, swaddle, and get to sleep. If your baby is a sleeping pro, we may not need all of these steps- but with this routine being the normal rhythm of newborn days, I always aim to include it so you can remember how it feels for years to come.  

After this, we focus on individual photos of your newest love. The tiny nose, the little fingers, the scrunch of their nose and the clench of their fists-- I look to capture it all. Throughout the entirety of your session, I'm watching for those moments that make up the love struck, sleep deprived haze of the newborn days. 

We do individuals in the crib, on the bed, or any other well-lit nook and cranny I can find in your home. I also have a Moses basket that I bring with me.

Towards the end of the session, I uncover those tiny fingers and toes to make sure you can keep these moments frozen in time during this fleeting season. 

We wrap up with any "bonus" shots or candid play with any siblings who may be joining.  Your newborn session is intentionally planned with slowness in mind, and the goal of soaking in all the goodness new life has to offer.