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I believe that the hidden moments in our lives are the ones that mean the most. The stroke of the cheek, tiptoes racing across the stairs, twirling your babies that they laugh so hard they cry— these are the snippets that tell the fuller story of your love. 

That’s why lifestyle focused photography means so much. Capturing your love, whether that be with your family, significant other, or yourself— is freezing moments in time that paint the picture of your life. 


From the moment you reach out, I'm already in planning mode for your session (and doing a little happy dance!). My focus is to capture your memories, not necessarily to curate them.

We work together to choose the location that best captures your vision. Location options range from the foothills, mountains, a studio space, or in your home. After booking your session, a full location guide will be sent to help you dream up a space that's perfect for you. 

Depending on your location of choice, I will recommend colors to use and not to use. I will send over a full outfit styling guide for you to begin planning outfits, but the bottom line is this: choose something that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

These photos tell the story of your family, not your outfits. We want your outfits of choice to complement you! 

Before your session, I will send over a short questionnaire. This helps me prep and plan to bring your vision to life, as well as capture the moments that you never want to forget. I'll ask a few simple questions to ensure I understand the little personalities and moments that best tell your story. 

I also always encourage bringing elements that fit your family. Whether that be a picnic dinner at the park, your baby's favorite lovey, or books to read together-- I want your photos to tell your family's unique story.

When you show up to the session, our time together will feel both intimate and carefree. I'm always searching for those tiny moments that tell the bigger story. We'll do a mix of traditional and candid photos. I am there to be both your cheerleader and friend to help you feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Side note: 95% of the people I photograph tell me they're "awkward" in photos, but spoiler alert- you're not! I promise, our time together will feel fun and easy-- so it feels more like a date night, and less like a photography session. ;) 

After your session comes the hardest part-- choosing the photos to frame. ;) I'll get to work right away editing and creating a gallery that tells the story of "you" from start to finish.